When ur hair won’t listen to you and its a mess and ur just like ???? I grew you myself??? I gave you life and this is how you repay me??

NEWSIES APPRECIATION WEEK // favorite lines (part one)

tenth doctor in every episode

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Just came across this in chapters. I’ve found a chair and I’m comparing differences.

Not a fan so far. Not a fan at all.

One would have said, to see the pensive thoughtfulness of his glance, that he had already, in some previous state of existence, traversed the revolutionary apocalypse.

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About those Upcoming 54 Below Shows…


Hey, guys! There seems to be a lot of buzz about Aaron’s upcoming 54 Below shows all of a sudden, so I figured to shed some light.

Just to clarify: the last I was told was that his next round of 54 Below shows won’t be happening before the end of the year. (Aaron will be busy filming.)

On the bright side, that means more time to save up should anyone have plans on traveling to NY! It should definitely be happening soon; the wait will just be a little longer.

les miserables + tumblr posts (inspired by this and other such posts)

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Vacation week essentials

The Book Thief (USA - Germany, 2013)

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A hint of Summer in Central Park.

Photography by Jose Tutiven

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*on a date*

so haha tell me more about your dog

The last week in the life of Amie


The king is dead, long live the Queen!